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Weekend Reading: Mother’s Day Edition

Weekend Reading: Mother’s Day Edition It’s the weekend! Hooray! The weather is supposed to be in the 80s in Seattle so we will undoubtedly be taking our books outdoors and soaking up some sunshine and pollen. And let us not forget Mother’s Day! What better gift for Mom than a book? Well, maybe a book […]

Kathy Acker: A Study in the Sadeian Woman

Kathy Acker: A Study in the Sadeian Woman Kathy Acker was nothing if not a mistress of the contradictions of being woman, a post-punk amalgam of de Sade’s masochistic Justine, virtuous in her enforced prostitution, and his triumphant libertine Juliette. Her transgressiveness and frank avowal of desire was radical at the time, but in ways […]

Look, Ma, No Rope!

Look, Ma, No Rope! Alex Honnold  As far as celebrity goes, Alex Honnold’s seems a bit unlikely; self-possessed practitioners of niche sports, performed in the hardest-to-reach corners of the Earth, usually keep to the edges of the mainstream. But much has changed over the last decade: Drones, adventure cameras, and the internet have allowed armchair […]

Writing the West, and Other Myths

Writing the West, and Other Myths Pete Fromm’s heart-wrenching but hopeful A Job You Mostly Won’t Know How to Do finds a hapless husband needing plenty of help raising his daughter when his wife dies during childbirth. Our own Vannessa Cronin calls it “a quietly elegant novel about working through grief and loss by putting […]

In Love with Multiplicity

In Love with Multiplicity Close to half a million people saw the huge Bruegel exhibition in Vienna marking the 450th anniversary of the artist’s death. Pieter Bruegel the Elder died on September 9, 1569, but the Kunsthistorisches Museum pushed the show up a year so that lending institutions could celebrate with their Bruegels back on […]

Lost Calcutta

Lost Calcutta The first visit I made to Calcutta that I can remember was over Christmas in 1981. I was seven. It had been exactly twenty-five years since my grandfather Sudhir had taken a job at the United Nations, moving my grandmother and their three children from India to New York. They had left India […]

The Orwell Prizes: The Longlists

The Orwell Prizes: The Longlists The longlists for Britain’s Orwell Prize have been announced. The Orwell Prize is Britain’s most prestigious prize for political writing and is awarded in four categories: political writing, political fiction, journalism, and exposing Britain’s social evils.  We don’t list every literary award across the globe, but the Orwell Prize longlists […]

Helen Hoang’s Favorite Recent Reads

Helen Hoang’s Favorite Recent Reads For many readers, Helen Hoang’s The Kiss Quotient not only delivered a delightful share-with-your-best-friends novel but signaled that more ambitious and encompassing romance reads were finally here. A heroine with Asperger’s who made checklists so that she would learn how to do lovemaking correctly, a bighearted hero who evoked comparisons […]

‘A Funeral Cry at Noon’: Louis MacNeice’s Carrickfergus Revisited

‘A Funeral Cry at Noon’: Louis MacNeice’s Carrickfergus Revisited A few family mementos in the municipal museum are almost the extent of Louis MacNeice’s legacy here. No streets, pubs, or parks are named after the town’s best-known literary figure. Like many of the poorer regions of Northern Ireland, Carrickfergus today is in social and economic […]